Biscuit is an English Bull Terrier mix who is a rescue dog from Georgia. Dmitry aka MisterMainer and Biscuit started making TikToks during the pandemic January 2021. They both live in Midcoast region of Maine, United States. Biscuit enjoys daily walks with Dmitry and running around the backyard.

I created MisterMainer January 2021 for fun during the height of the pandemic. During the past year, we have amassed over 16 million followers and are the most followed TikToker in Maine. I am known for making TikToks of my dog, Biscuit talking and dancing. Our content is unlike any other pet influencer. From running with a stick in her mouth, to dancing to Earth, Wind and Fire; Biscuit is no ordinary dog.

We have worked with brands including PetSmart, Animal Planet, Paramount, Dyson, YouTooz, and Johannes Leonardo and were featured briefly in the Billboard Music Awards. Lifehacker featured us as one their favorite pet accounts you should follow. We have been featured in various news articles. One of our TikToks, which amassed over 3.2 million likes was part of Charlie Puth's music campaign for his newest release Light Switch. We kickstarted new release, Helikopter (feat. Marmy) by MAXAM and Fazlija. On top on making daily content, I manage all social media platforms for MisterMainer, business aspects, marketing, emailing, designing brand materials, and brand outreach.

Give me the mananger!!